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I know there has to be developers for all these games here

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ตอบตอบ: 15/10/2020 1:31 pm    ชื่อกระทู้: I know there has to be developers for all these games here ตอบกระทู้ด้วยเครื่องหมายคำพูด(quote)

Madden 21 is terrible even for a transition game between X1/PS4 to the Series X/PS5. The SB nevertheless has LIV graphics instead of LV. You have plenty of glitches. The comment is recycled quite a bit. The new default control scheme is awful. Nobody should squander their $ on such a shitty merchandise. With the way games graphics have progressed it's amazing just how shit the sideline and crowd still are. I've purchased madden every single year because 06' the day it is released. I only play with online versus mode. The gameplay has Mut 21 coins numerous defects every year. . This is going to be the first season I do not buy madden. . Type of sad honestly.

I couldn't agree more! It is almost as though they listened to all of our complaints and only made them worse. I told me I was not going to get this after Madden 20, and I ordered it anyhow. Here is the 1st time in a long time I am extremely upset at a video game purchase. The animations are bad and are a total joke. The way the AI RBs shimmy and shiver back-and-forth like they are convulsing while conducting is almost comical. Sometimes I have better luck once I choose a play and only put my controller down. It is almost as though the protection reacts to your button pushes on crime and vice versa. It is like playing soccer submerged on a DSL connection. I am an idiot since I missed soccer so much I believed this would fill the emptiness, but it just made the void bigger.

I know there has to be developers for all these games here somewhere so here's my plea. PLEASE for the love of god realize you still have a pretty loyal fan base that will purchase your games to the same reasons Knick's fans buy jerseys and tickets. We climbed up together with you guys and are able to remember the times when you brought us legitimate joy into the maximum level. We put an absurd quantity of money into your pockets EVERY single year and yet we find ourselves begging, literally, for its most simple improvements. What do you do with that absurd pile of gold you have been handed over year in and year out? We've got little to no choices so we return to you but you can tell it is just like a failing relationship now. We are in it for the relaxation and not the quality now, and just like a shitty partner you guys just leach from us and do not hear a thing we say or work on a thing we request. I don't have any reason to buy this game based off recent ones,and the new reviews for this particular one.

Yes, its just a game, but it's your job to take care of it like a passion and career because for us it can be more than that. It can be a great moment with friends, a break from the real world, or even only a game. Irrespective of why we played we gave you guys money with all the anticipation of this bare minimum and you refuse at this point and even laugh in our faces acting as if you're putting out the highest quality content, when that is our task to decide and review. Guess what? Replies in. . We've been cheated. You guys clearly don't give a fuck and at this point I expect 2k puts out a match, since it could be just as good as your sorry games and I, along with a few million others, would still purchase it just as a fuck you to you dick wads. Would you not believe us when we say we all miss you guys giving a fuck? Do you not care? It's far more offensive than you men realize and that I want you gave a fuck about us....you do not.However, this just honestly does not feel like a match which acquired any TLC. Granted, it is a tough development year awarded coronavirus worries, for most games, but too many things feel undone. Playbooks are so completely untouched that I went through the exact same keystrokes I'd last year to set my pregame audibles for matches from the computer from franchise style.

Speaking of franchise mode, besides a fresh menu coats of paint, that has been completely untouched -- and it's aging horribly. Madden's franchise mode has always been lacking in relation to the greatness of NBA 2K, with no sense of player emotions and very little to keep you going from year to year besides piling stats up. The closest thing to a new improvement is the fashion veteran players will sometimes ask to"tutor" youngsters, but this is not anything which you hold any true service over. We're on the eve of a new line of consoles, and in one of the buy Madden nfl 21 coins key modes, Madden really needs to step up. NBA 2K and NHL are leading the way here, and Madden is just mailing in.
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